The Navy SEAL Core Workout

Navy SEALs are some of  the physically and mentally toughest men walking the planet. They need strong cores to run longer, conserve energy and prevent injury while carrying heavy loads.

You may not be in combat in remote areas of the world, but here are some tips to help you train your core like a Navy SEAL.

Ring-Supported Plank Hold

Supporting yourself for a long time in a compromised position is one of the most physically and mentally demanding exercises you can perform. The Ring-Supported Plank Hold prepares you for full-body stabilization in unstable environments. During this exercise, you will want to quit, but if you can keep going after the burn, you’ll be rewarded with increased core strength.

  • Adjust the rings so that when you are in the Plank Hold, your feet are at the same height as your hands.
  • Sets/Duration: 3x max time, resting for three minutes between sets.

Overhead Weighted Carries

Supporting a large load overhead is crucial for several missions and tasks that Navy SEALs perform, whether it’s walking through a swamp at night or lifting equipment into a helicopter.

  • Grip a heavy dumbbell in each hand, lift them directly over your shoulders, tighten your core and glutes to prevent hyperextending your lower back, and walk for distance.
  • Sets/Distance: 3×100 feet, resting 1 minute between sets.

Single-Leg Plank Walk

Navy SEALs are often forced into unnatural positions and must stand or support themselves for long periods of time. Three-limbed crawling increases your upper-body strength and gives your core more than it bargained for.

  • Place a valslide or a towel under one of your feet.
  • Extend your opposite leg behind you.
  • Crawl forward, keeping your hips stable and your path straight.
  • Sets/Distance: 3×30 feet, resting 1 minute between sets.

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